Help Create the Colorado Option!

We worked hard to pass the Colorado Option (HB21-1232), but the work doesn’t stop after a bill like this passes. Whether it’s, completing our survey, volunteering, sharing your story, or sharing this information with others, we need your help making the Colorado Option the strongest, most equitable health insurance plan possible!

Right now, the Colorado Division of Insurance is facilitating a stakeholder process to create the standardized benefit plan structure for the Colorado Option. This is an opportunity to make copays/deductibles more affordable, and provide more services that address racial health inequities with no copays.

The health care industry is going to work hard to influence this important component, and it’s important to make your voice heard so that the Colorado Option will:

  • Make health insurance more affordable for Coloradans by lowering premiums
  • Decrease and control health care costs
  • Provide more and higher value health insurance options
  • Provide increased financial security for families

Here are ways to get involved:

This survey will help us ensure Colorado Option plans meet the needs of Colorado communities, especially those that have been left out of health coverage.

Colorado Option one-pager

Learn more about the Colorado Affordable Health Care Option!

Share why the Colorado Affordable Health Care Option is important to you!

Volunteer and phone bank with CCHI for the Colorado Affordable Health Care Option!

What Consumers Say!


Take Action to Stop Surprise Medical Bills!

This spring, Colorado legislators created new and robust protections to stop surprise out-of-network medical bills and their egregious charges. Unfortunately, the new protections, which go into effect January 1, 2020, cannot protect ALL Coloradans. The new protections cannot apply to Coloradans who are insured through federally regulated health insurance plans. Only Congressional action can ensure all Coloradans share the same protections from surprise medical bills and their disastrous consequences.

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