The Colorado Option

We worked hard to pass the Colorado Option, and now we’re working to ensure communities are aware of plans and financial assistance available to them. The Colorado Option plans are the first health care plans available to every Coloradan who buys insurance on the individual marketplace (not an employer), regardless of documentation status. Below you will find webinars, social media toolkits and resources, and resources for immigrant families.

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Questions about the Colorado Option? Read our frequently asked question document below.

CO Option one pager cover

CO Option One Page Flyer

This one pager helps explain the benefits of the CO Option plans and who qualifies for assistance to purchase them.

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Help us reach communities impacted by the Colorado Option and new OmniSalud program by sharing information and graphics about the Colorado Option health insurance plans on social media.

Resources for immigrant families

Public Charge Resources

Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF) has put together resources in multiple languages to help prevent misinformation around Public Charge, for more information on what qualifies as a public charge visit the link below.

Public Charge Community Resources

Reproductive Medicaid

Reproductive Medicaid is available for low income people, including undocumented immigrants. For more information on what reproductive medicaid covers visit:

Emergency Medicaid

Emergency Medicaid is available for low income people, including undocumented immigrants. This type of medicaid is only for emergency cases, typically life threatening or limb threatening emergencies. This does not include any preventive care. For more information on ER Medicaid, visit:

English/Spanish Insurance Terms


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