Advancing Oral Health Equity!

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Coloradans know oral health is important, but too many struggle to access the care they need, find it unaffordable, or feel mistreated when they go to a dentist office

CCHI is working to ensure oral health gets the attention it needs and that community members can drive change for oral health equity.

We know:

  • Over 50% of Coloradans live with mouth pain or feel self-conscious because of their oral health
  • 73% say dental care is too expensive
  • 47% of Coloradans needing immediate care are waiting a month or more to get it
  • 1 in 4 Coloradans that have not sought care cite fear, anxiety, judgement, or mistreatment
  • Only 13% of Coloradans report having no barriers to getting the oral health care they need

It’s time to make oral health a priority. Here are ways to get involved:

Share your oral health story or why oral health is important to you!

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Oral Health Equity Survey Results

This brief shows key takeaways from an oral health survey CCHI conducted recently. (disponible en español)

Join us as we help create a new oral health equity coalition!


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