June 8, 2018
Contact: Adam Fox, 303-563-9108,

DENVER – Yesterday the Trump Administration refused to defend the Affordable Care Act in a legal challenge brought by Texas and 19 other Republican-led states. The case pushes an extreme argument that the ACA is unconstitutional. Several attorneys working for the Justice Department withdrew their names from the case, a sign they could not support the Administration’s unprecedented action or its arguments.

This statement is the Protect Our Care Colorado coalition’s response to the Trump Administration’s decision to not defend the ACA.
It can be attributed to Adam Fox, Director of Strategic Engagement of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

“The Trump Administration and Department of Justice have reneged on their duties to implement and uphold the law of the land in yet another outrageous attempt to sabotage the ACA. By choosing not to defend the law as legislated by Congress, the Administration will exacerbate the instability already created in the health care system by Republicans in Washington. This will drive premiums up even higher as insurers grow increasingly nervous and will harm Coloradans access to care.

“This decision by the Trump Administration and its Republican allies threatens to roll back protections for people with pre-existing conditions, gut Medicaid, allow insurers to deny coverage or cancel plans arbitrarily, leave millions of Americans uninsured, and drive up health care costs.

“Republicans in Washington are once again choosing sabotage of the ACA over the well-being of Colorado families. Enough is enough: it’s time to end the partisan war on our health care. The Administration should stop hurting people with pre-existing conditions, stop these outrageous attacks on our health care system, and stop driving up costs up for Coloradans.”

Protect Our Care Colorado is a coalition of 48 organizations in Colorado advocating to protect the health care of Coloradans. To learn more about the coalition, visit


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