Who We Are

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) is a nonprofit, consumer-oriented, membership-based health advocacy organization that serves Coloradans whose access to health care and financial security are compromised by structural barriers, affordability, poor benefits, or unfair business practices of the health care industry.

Our Vision

All Coloradans have equitable access to affordable, high-quality health care.

Core Values



As a membership-based organization committed to authentically representing consumer interests, we work together with a variety of consumer and advocacy organizations and individuals around the state to identify issues in the health care system and strategies for improvements. We find better solutions and can achieve better results when we can lift up many voices and leverage our own strengths, as well as those of our partners towards changes that meet the needs of Colorado communities.


We are committed to working closely with communities facing structural barriers to health care in order to identify the root causes of inequity and to develop and support policies that will most effectively promote health equity.


As an organization we step in to lead the charge and tackle a variety of health policy issues that impact Colorado communities. We activate members of the community to become consumer health leaders, as they are the experts on their own experiences with the health care system. By centering consumers and the issues they bring forward, we can better inform and influence public policy changes. We cultivate policymaker champions with an interest in health care and consumer protection and connect them with consumer health leaders so they can use their power and influence to bring about positive and effective change.


We champion issues that are important and valuable for Colorado consumers. We are authentic and reliable when representing CCHI and consumer interests, and build effective partnerships. We make earnest contributions when we engage on an issue and in coalitions, and strive for the highest level of credibility in our work.

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
303 E 17th Ave, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80203


General: inform@cohealthinitiative.org
Assistance: help@cohealthinitiative.org
Media: ptelang@cohealthinitiative.org

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