New report shows CO’s Members of Congress should be working to improve ACA, not repeal it

September 19, 2017
Contact: Katie Reinisch, 303-653-1009,
Adam Fox,, 303-563-9108

This statement is in response to the Colorado Health Access Survey 2017 report released by the Colorado Health Institute and can be attributed to Adam Fox, Director of Strategic Engagement of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

“For the first time ever, over 5 million Coloradans have health insurance coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act, bringing our uninsured rate down to 6.5%. This begs the question why Republicans in Congress are pushing a last-ditch effort to repeal the ACA, gut Medicaid, and undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions?”

“Fewer Coloradans say they cannot afford insurance coverage, and, as much as Republicans seem to want to gut Medicaid, Coloradans enrolled in the program are generally pretty happy with their coverage. The report highlights that affordability is still a challenge, especially in rural areas and for low-income Coloradans, but fewer Coloradans are struggling to pay their medical bills. Congress should be working to address the cost drivers in health care and to stabilize the individual market.”

“The very same people who have gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act are again at risk of losing it with the Cassidy-Graham repeal bill being blitzed through the Senate. Senator Gardner should heed his own calls for open hearings and bipartisanship as well as vote to protect the health care of 600,000 Coloradans who have coverage under the ACA and even more that rely on Medicaid programs covering seniors, people with disabilities, and children.”


Colorado Consumer Health Initiative represents 45+ Colorado health organizations with more than 500,000 health care consumer members and advocates for affordable, accessible quality healthcare for all Coloradans.

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