The Administration proposes repeal of ACA, slashing Medicaid, and cutting Medicare

February 12, 2018
Contact: Adam Fox,, 303-563-9108
Katie Reinisch,, 303-653-1009

This statement is attributable to Adam Fox, Director of Strategic Engagement of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Coalition Organizer for the Protect Our Care Colorado Coalition.

“The attempts to sabotage health care, repeal the ACA, gut Medicaid and Medicare must stop. The Trump budget would make even more drastic cuts to Medicaid than we saw in the repeal plans rejected multiple times by Congress and the American public. This budget would devastate the health care programs and rip coverage away from millions of Americans. It is tone-deaf, irresponsible, callous and unequivocally toxic to the health of Coloradans.”

“This budget proposes $237 billion in cuts to Medicare and $1.5 trillion in cuts to social investment programs like Medicaid, food stamps, the Women, Infant, and Children nutrition program, and Social Security. Repeal of the ACA under this budget would effectively end financial assistance to make premiums more affordable and remove guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Under this bill, we would see devastating cuts in health coverage for seniors, people with disabilities, and children and hard-working Coloradans would face much higher costs or be left without coverage.”

“The public has forcefully and repeatedly rejected these partisan, misguided, and harmful health care cuts, and the Administration is willfully ignoring the priorities of the American people in his budget. Colorado’s Congressional Delegation should reject the Trump budget immediately and find bipartisan solutions on health care.”


Protect Our Care Colorado is a coalition of 48 organizations in Colorado advocating to protect the health care of Coloradans. To learn more about the coalition, visit

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