DENVER – The third component of the “Thanks Obamacare” campaign launched today is an online, interactive game in which players navigate typical life experiences, gaining points for positive events, especially accessing affordable health care.  The game, which highlights the ways Obamacare helps you through life, can be played here. The campaign is encouraging players to share it with family members and friends when gathered over the holidays.

“The Game of Obamacare is our way of making Obamacare provisions real to Coloradans,” said Serena Woods, Colorado Consumer Health Initiatives’ director of strategic engagement.  “Players will be able see that at every age, Obamacare is helping them get the healthcare they need, when they need it.”

Participants choose blue or pink icons and use a spinner to progress from 18 years of age until retirement, making decision like going to college or working, changing jobs and having children.  Players must cope with health problems like a skiing accident and a diabetes diagnosis and outcomes vary on whether they choose to proceed with Obamacare or not.

“The holidays are about finding happiness – and our Game of Obamacare is about finding happiness, too, “ said Jen Caltrider of ProgressNow Colorado Education. “During the holidays we hope people will share the Game of Obamacare with their family and friends over cookies and eggnog or through their online social networks.”

The Thanks Obamacare website launched in October with the top 10 reasons to Thank Obamacare and a video detailing the history of health care reform. The campaign has reached hundreds of thousands in Colorado and across the country on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #ThanksObamacare and tweeting from @ThanksObamacare.  The groups intend to continue the education campaign throughout the implementation of Obamacare in 2014.

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative represents 30+ Colorado health organizations with more than 500,000 health care consumer members and advocates for affordable, accessible quality health care for all Coloradans.  ProgressNow Colorado Education is the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization.


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