New plan would end financial assistance, gut Medicaid, and undermine pre-existing condition protections.

September 13, 2017
Contact: Adam Fox,, 303-563-9108
Jenny Davies,, 720-296-9545

This statement is attributable to Adam Fox, Director of Strategic Engagement of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Coalition Organizer for the Protect Our Care Colorado Coalition.

“Today the GOP revealed their last-ditch plan to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut Medicaid. This plan is more of the same bad ideas from previous repeal bills, but goes even further to undermine the health care Coloradans rely on. There is no doubt this plan will lead to millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Coloradans losing coverage.”

“Republicans are trying to sell this plan under the guise of “state flexibility,” but it would lead to anything but. The bill effectively ends financial assistance to make premiums more affordable and the Medicaid expansion, and guts the rest of the Medicaid program. Under this bill, we would see cuts in health coverage for seniors, people with disabilities, and children and hard-working Coloradans would face much higher costs or be left without coverage. On top of all this, the bill would also remove the guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

“The public has forcefully and repeatedly rejected this partisan, misguided, and harmful approach. This repeal plan will only hamstring our health coverage options and our state budget. Colorado’s Congressional Delegation should flat out reject the Cassidy-Graham bill and focus on bipartisan plans that strengthen our health care system and stabilize the individual market.”


Protect Our Care Colorado is a coalition of 48 organizations in Colorado advocating to protect the health care of Coloradans. To learn more about the coalition, visit

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