Reinsurance Moves Forward – Could Lower Premiums by 20 Percent or More

April 8, 2019
Contact: Adam Fox, 303-563-9108,
Katie Reinisch, 303-653-1009,

DENVER – Coloradans could finally see reductions in their health insurance premiums if state Senators concur with today’s approval by the House of HB19-1168 to create a reinsurance program. Prior to significant amendments made to the bill Friday, analysis by the Division of Insurance shows this reinsurance plan could reduce premiums in the individual market by 20 percent or more on average.

This statement can be attributed to Adam Fox, Director of Strategic Engagement for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative:

“Too many Coloradans, especially those in rural and western parts of our state who face some of the highest health insurance costs in the country, have struggled to keep up with premium increases. Coloradans who buy private insurance may finally see some relief with lower health insurance premiums. This plan to implement a reinsurance program can stabilize the individual market and lower premiums by more than 20 percent.

“The fact is that a relatively few high-cost cases affect all consumers. Right now, we all pay for those few, costly cases in our premiums. A reinsurance program, funded by our highly profitable hospitals, can alleviate those high costs cases and lower Colorado’s infamously high premiums.

“Today’s bipartisan approval of reinsurance by our State House of Representatives is a vital step to helping the nearly 70 percent of Coloradans that are worried about affording their health coverage. This legislation, if approved by our Senators, can bring peace of mind to the Coloradans purchasing their own insurance and those that may need to in the future. It’s time for Colorado to drive insurance premiums down, and this program starts to do just that.”

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative is a nonpartisan, nonprofit group that represents 40+ Colorado health organizations with more than 500,000 health care consumer members advocating for high-quality, affordable and equitable health care. In 2018, CCHI received the “Get Wise” Consumer Protection award from the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).


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