Johnson Kuhn, North Forty News

Governor Polis signed bills recently to protect Coloradans from unexpected healthcare costs and bolster Colorado’s hardworking behavioral health workforce.

What community leaders are saying about HB22-1284 Health Insurance Surprise Billing Protections.

“We worked hard to establish some of the strongest consumer protections against surprise bills in Colorado in 2019 and to support the passage of the federal “No Surprises Act” to expand protections to Coloradans with federally regulated health insurance. HB22-1284 aligns the strengths of our state law with the federal law to provide additional protections to Coloradans and ensures consistent, strong protections for all Coloradans from surprise medical bills. We are thankful to the same bipartisan sponsors from 2019 for coming back together to shepherd this law through the legislature, as well as to the Administration and Division of Insurance for their support on this issue,” said Adam Fox, Deputy Director, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

What community leaders are saying about HB22-1285 Prohibit Collection Hospital Not Disclosing Prices.

“Today, Governor Polis and Colorado legislators delivered critical healthcare price transparency protections to Coloradans. Patients’ right to see and compare upfront prices in healthcare is truly transformative — it will lead to better quality of care at a much lower cost and will finally empower Coloradans to take control of their physical and financial health. Today is a great day for Colorado,” said Cynthia A. Fisher, Founder and Chairman,

“Rising healthcare costs and associated surprise fees create barriers to entrepreneurship. This is why we are happy that Governor Jared Polis has signed HB22-1284 Health Insurance Surprise Billing Protections and HB22-1285 Prohibit Collection Hospital Not Disclosing Prices into law to increase price transparency, stop surprise hospital billing, and limit debt collections. Increasing transparency in the healthcare system is important for the Colorado small business community and their employees who struggle to afford their healthcare costs. These new laws will help boost accountability and confidence in the healthcare system while also supporting a vibrant business ecosystem,” said Lindsey Vigoda, Colorado Director, Small Business Majority.

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