Caitrin Assaf, Western Slope Now

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Medicine and healthcare can cause a lot of anxiety for people, especially when it comes to the ever-rising cost of treatment.

But local hospitals are doing their best to ease the worry of receiving top quality care.

According to a recent Colorado Consumer Health Initiative survey, financial woes are at the top of Colorado’s health concerns.

These financial worries have to do with cost of health insurance, drug prices, hospital bills, and more.

The ever-rising price of healthcare is a national issue that has to do with multiple different healthcare industries, but the affects, and anxieties, hit close to home.

But local hospitals are doing their best to lessen the worry on your wallet.

Both Community and St. Mary’s are keeping their prices reasonable, and hire financial counselors to discuss hospital bills and prices.

Those same prices for procedures can be found online, and patients are encouraged to compare treatments at different providers to find the best fit for them.

And fixing this cost issue can start even earlier, by investing in healthy habits and education before it comes to a pricey ER visit.

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