by the Colorado Division of Insurance

The Colorado Division of Insurance wants everyone to know about the importance of having health coverage, including young people. As younger folks tend to be healthier, they may ask, “Why do I need health insurance? Isn’t it just for sick people?” But health insurance is more than just about staying healthy; it’s about being prepared for the unexpected.

Coloradans are active. They ski, bike, climb mountains and don’t plan on getting hurt. Yet something as simple as a broken leg can cost several thousand dollars to treat.

It’s not just recreational activities that pose a risk. When you’re sick, you need to have access to medical care. Health insurance provides the security of knowing that you can get medical care when you need it and that you won’t face major medical bills that could threaten your financial future.

Here are some important points to consider when thinking about health insurance.

  • If you are under 26 years old, you can still be covered on a parent’s plan. In addition, many colleges and universities offer health insurance.
  • Medical bills are the top cause of personal bankruptcies. The average cost of a three-night stay in a hospital is $30,000.
  • If you have recently experienced a qualifying life event, you could be eligible for a special enrollment period through Connect for Health Colorado, through an agent or directly from an insurance company. These circumstances include marriage, birth or adoption; becoming a resident of Colorado; losing your employment-based coverage; and turning 26 and aging out of your parents’ coverage.

Most importantly, the Division of Insurance recommends preparing for the unexpected by knowing your health insurance options and getting covered. If you have questions about what to look for in a plan or general questions about how health insurance works, the Division of Insurance can help. Visit us at or call us at 303-894-7490 or 1-800-930-3745 outside of the Denver metro area.

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