One of the most important goals of Obamacare is to create coverage options for the nearly 20% of Americans that are uninsured.  One way it will do is the creation of state health exchanges where uninsured (and insured) Americans can go to purchase quality health insurance. Colorado is creating its own, authorized by state legislation, known as the Colorado Health Benefits Exchange. To make these exchanges successful consumers will need to be able to use them, and will need help navigating their options within them.  The ACA includes the requirement that exchanges have Navigators to help consumers do just that.  

Some things Navigators will have to do for Coloradans seeking health coverage are:

  • Navigators will help people choose a plan they can afford and best fits their needs. 
  • Navigators will serve all Coloradans, including those who speak different languages, are disabled, are LGBT among others.
  • Navigators will assist Coloradans who qualify in accessing public coverage as well. After 2014 all Americans under 133% of the federal poverty limit will qualify for a new Medicaid program.  
  • Navigators will serve Coloradans in rural communities to ensure they also have access to coverage through the Exchange.
  • Navigators will be helping many low-income people gain access to health care they have never had before, potentially improving their health care status.  

CCHI has prepared this fact sheet to explain who and what Navigators will do for Coloradans after 2014. 

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