Isabelle Nathanson

The world can often feel isolating, and it can feel like we’re going at it alone to solve the problems with systems and institutions that we encounter everyday. Whether that’s navigating a scary surprise medical bill, sharing a story about a powerful institution that impacts our lives, or connecting with a policymaker about an issue that matters to us – it can often feel intimidating to know where to start in order to make a difference.

That’s why at CCHI, we bring people together to solve problems, basing our organizational structure around collaborating as a community of advocates and consumers. Together our resources, creativity, and connections foster innovative, impactful changes to our health care system and the impacts it has on our lives. For example, our unique membership is made up of over 35 organizations and 25 individuals who collaborate on policy advocacy efforts and communications strategies to amplify our collective impact. Together we invest in relationships with organizations, individuals, and lawmakers, and foster connections between policymakers in order to be successful at the state capitol. Our Consumer Assistance Program cohort brings together direct service professionals to share strategies and resources to ensure Coloradans navigating tricky health care situations can avoid financial insecurity. Annual events like Health Care Day of Action help other individual advocates and community members create connections with others. CCHI’s robust story-banking work and advocacy training programs connect individual consumers with organizations, media, and their representatives at the state and national level in order to amplify their important perspectives on the issues we work on. Lastly, our community projects encourage collaboration with local organizations and individuals from diverse areas of the state.

Together, these efforts strengthen and fortify a robust advocacy community in Colorado focused on making our health care system work for all Coloradans. With your support, we can continue to bring people together to get things done for the benefit of consumers across the state.

This Colorado Gives Day, I hope you’ll consider supporting CCHI. You can schedule a one time donation anytime before Colorado Gives Day (Dec. 10th), or become a monthly supporter to sustain our work with a small donation every month. CCHI cannot exist without the generous donations of the community we work everyday to strengthen. Thank you for considering us today!

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