On April 18, the Hospital Payment Assistance Act (SB12-134) passed in the Colorado House 45-20. Once signed by the governor, this bill will provide Coloradans information about hospital financial assistance programs and enable Coloradans to pay their hospital bills in a reasonable and responsible way.

Because of your support and the leadership of the bill’s sponsors, Senator Irene Aguilar and Representative Cindy Acree, this bill will offer relief to many Coloradans.

Colorado’s uninsured often lack information and bargaining power and as a result are often charged much more than people with insurance. This can lead to credit issues and bankruptcies. Coloradans should be able to get the care they need when they need it without unpredictable costs.

This bill will help Coloradans by providing them the information they need to make informed health care decisions. SB12-134 will:

  • Make information about hospital financial assistance programs available to all consumers where they will see them – online, in hospitals and in hospital bills;
  • Require that low-income, uninsured Coloradans pay no more than the lowest negotiated health plan pay for that service;
  • Require hospitals to work with low-income uninsured Coloradans to set up reasonable payment plans before sending them to collections.


Thank you for taking action and supporting our efforts. Your voice matters. You can continue to support efforts like this by giving $15, $25 or $100 online today.

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