Connect for Health Colorado: Key Policy Decisions

Colorado has been hard at work since 2011 to establish a state-based marketplace. Since the beginning of this process, Connect for Health Colorado’s (C4HCO) Board has made over 60 major policy decisions on the structure of C4HCO. The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and the Colorado Center on Law and Policy have taken a closer look at four key decisions the Board made when designing the marketplace:

• Minimum Interoperability with State Systems
• Employee and Employer Choice Architecture
• Direct Sales of Plans by Carriers
• Standard Comparative Plan Information

The report is intended to serve as a guide to other states that may transition from the federal to a state-based marketplace and those states redesigning their state-based marketplace. 

Connect for Health Colorado’s commitment to stakeholder engagement in policy decision making has greatly benefited the marketplace.  With over 145,000 Coloradans enrolled through Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s commitment to creating a state-based marketplace was well rewarded.

View the Report here:

C4HCO Key Policy Decisions

C4HCO Board Decision Chart 


Debra, Policy Director, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

Elisabeth Arenales, Director of Health Program, Colorado Center on Law and Policy

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