The Connect for Health CO marketplace recently began the Open Enrollment period on November 1st!


During Open Enrollment, you can sign up for health coverage from November 1, 2020 through January 15, 2021. If you apply before December 15, 2020 your coverage will start on January 1, 2021. If you complete your application between December 16 and January 15, your coverage starts February 1, 2021.

If you are uninsured and do not qualify for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program), try enrolling in health insurance through the marketplace.

If you already have health insurance, you have the option to shop for a new plan during this time. Plans and prices change every year, so review your options before you purchase.You might be able to save more by choosing a different plan this year.

Using their PlanFinder Tool, you can find a plan that suits your needs and resources quickly and easily. The anonymous tool is especially helpful for comparing plans that you are eligible for based on the estimated total healthcare costs for a year.

Depending on your family size and annual household income, you could qualify for help with your insurance premiums and healthcare costs. These discounts are called advance premium tax credits (APTC) and cost-sharing reductions (CSR). APTC is a subsidy applied to your health insurance premium. You can wait to claim your credit until you file your taxes for the year that you were covered, or you can use the credit to lower your monthly premium. Cost-sharing reductions (CSR) also reduce the cost of care by reducing the out-of-pocket costs for covered services and the out-of-pocket maximum. APTCs apply to all plans (if you qualify), but CSRs can only be used on Silver level plans. For information on the differences between Bronze, Silver, and Bronze level plans, visit the Connect for Health site:

You can also buy dental and vision plans through Connect for Health CO. You can shop for these plans any time throughout the year, but Open Enrollment is a good time to make sure you and your family are covered on all fronts!

You can apply for coverage and financial help through Connect for Health Colorado in a variety of ways. For most, the easiest option is the online application at If you would prefer to apply over the phone, call 1-855-752-6749. TTY at 1-855-346-3432. The phone lines are open Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm. Paper applications can be faxed to 1-855-346-5175 or mailed to the following address: Connect for Health Colorado Individual Applications P.O. Box 35033 Colorado Springs, CO 80935.

In order to apply, you will need the following:

  1. Basic information: Names and dates of birth for each person in your household.
  2. Home mailing address: If someone in your household – those you include on your tax return – has a different home address, you’ll need that, too.
  3. Social Security numbers: Enter each person’s Social Security number. If you leave this blank, you may be asked to provide more information at a later time.
  4. Immigration document information: Is anyone on your application a legal immigrant? If so, you’ll be asked to provide information from immigration documents.
  5. How you file your taxes: If you file federal income taxes, you may be asked about your filing status and who you claim as a dependent on your taxes.
  6. Income information: You will enter employer and income information for everyone in your household.

Need help applying? Free help is available from certified Connect for Health enrollment experts located throughout Colorado. Enrollment centers also offer phone and virtual appointments. For more information see,


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