From the Connect Campaign

Going to the doctor can be expensive, especially when you don’t have health insurance. But when you aren’t getting regular check-ups and aren’t keeping your chronic conditions under control, you can wind up in the emergency room where health care is much more expensive and difficult.

There is a new Medicaid program that might be able to help you get the health care you need if your income is very low and you do not have any dependent children living with you.

This new program established with the help of a new state law offers the coverage that will provide regular health care to keep chronic conditions under control and avoid the emergency room. Even if you are currently on CICP, you should consider applying. You will get more benefits with Medicaid and have quicker access to health care services.

Medicaid benefits include (but are not limited to) coverage for: regular check-ups, prescription drugs, hospitalization, medical transportation, mental health, substance abuse issues, immunizations, lab and x-rays and more.

You should consider applying if you are:

• An adult without dependent children,
• Under age 65, and
• Are earning little to no income.

If you think you might qualify, you should apply today! There are several ways to do this, such as visiting your local county department (in Denver, the department is located on 1200 Federal Blvd., and open Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-4p.m.) or applying online via You can also call 1-800-221-3943 if you have questions.

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