by guest contributor, Dick Alweis

I turned 65 this July. Since I turned 63 I had been uninsured.
My health is excellent and decreasing income had
made insurance a luxury I could no longer afford.
Co-pays, coverage limitations, bait and switch
offers from new companies reinforced my decision.
I focused on staying well and avoiding care. My
primary care physician reduced her charges to
accommodate my needs, but diagnostics and
exploratory procedures appropriate at my age ate
any real savings. I couldn’t afford insurance and I
couldn’t afford not to be insured.

As I approached 65, various friends and relatives
advised me that Medicare would be my answer. Mail
arrived daily from health insurance companies. The
same companies that I couldn’t afford insurance from
a few months ago were offering me Medicare coverage.

I had developed a distrust of them and
threw away their solicitations.

A few months before my birthday, I contacted SHIP
at the suggestion of a friend, Dede de Percin. SHIP
helped me navigate the choices and enroll.

It was simple, free and easy. The SHIP person
explained my choices so I understood the process
and resources available. I was hesitant to commit
to a supplemental policy, but quickly realized I
was already paying more for many of the services
that this policy would provide.

The whole process took minutes and I was guided
through. I am aware that this sounds like a ridiculous
commercial testimonial, but I am very grateful.

-Dick Alweis

Click here to contact the SHIP program to which Dick refers, and/or to find out more about senior health care options. 


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