by Matthew Valeta, Health Policy Analyst

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Your health insurance company may have proposed an increase to your rates but that doesn’t mean they are finalized yet. The Colorado Division of Insurance will consider consumer comments when it is reviewing rates to make sure they are justified. Your voice is an important factor in whether rates are approved.


We’ve pulled out some of the specific proposed rate changes so you can see what is happening to your plan. We will add more details on changes to specific plans in the individual market as we find them. Jump to your specific insurer below:

Then look for your plan’s name. You may be able to find your plan name on your health insurance card or on documents you’ve received from your insurer. 


So why should you comment?

Rate review has saved Coloradans over $100 million dollars on their premiums since 2008. These new premiums are based on projections and the small amount of data available from 2014 plans. The more information available to the Division of Insurance the better. Commenting on rates can help give the Division of Insurance the information it needs to ensure that rates are justified. Make your voice heard and tell the Division of Insurance how a change to your premiums would affect you and your family. Here are some ideas about what you can include in your comments:

  • Financial hardship from rate increases to your family or business
  • The history of increases you’ve seen with your plan.
  • Whether you have received a rebate from your insurance company. If you got a rebate from your insurance company that means that premiums were set too high in the past and they did not spend enough on medical care for policy holders.
  • Why keeping your current insurance plan is important to you.

Step-by-step instructions are below but if you still have questions let us know and we can help you find your plan or comment. Contact us at 303-839-1261 or at

How to Comment!

First go to DOI’s website:

Click on Search Rate Filings then hit ‘I Agree’

Next insert your tracking number and set the product effective date to 01/01/2015 for both the start and the end. For example Anthem’s tracking number is AWLP-129533156. Find your plan’s tracking number below.

This should bring up your plan. Under the comment sections click on add…

And you are ready to submit your comment!

Still got questions? Let us know and we can help you find your plan or comment. Contact us at 303-839-1261 or at

All Tracking Numbers:

  • Anthem: AWLP-129533156
  • CIGNA: CCGH-129556862
  • Colorado Choice: MLCO-129577188
  • Denver Health: DVHH-125571672
  • Humana: HUMA-129570268
  • Kaiser: KFHP-129483478
  • Colorado Access (New Health Ventures): COAC-129559341
  • Rocky Mountain HMO: LEIF-129536169
  • United (All Savers): UHLC-129554702
  • Colorado HealthOP: CHCO-129558535

Anthem Tracking Number: AWLP-129533156

CIGNA Tracking Number: CCGH-129556862

Colorado Choice Tracking Number: MLCO-129577188 

Denver Health Tracking Number: DVHH-129571781 

Humana Tracking Number: HUMA-129570268 

Kaiser Tracking Number: KFHP-129483478 



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