By Mary Smith

My husband and I found a bargain for health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado! Before Obamacare we were paying $600/month for a lousy insurance policy. Not only would the plan not cover a neck surgery I needed, but I couldn’t go to the doctor for regular check-ups because the co-payments were too high. With my new insurance plan, I have already gone to the doctor and am receiving treatment for my neck.

My husband and I are both retired living in Leadville, CO with just enough money to live comfortably. Affordability is very important to us. The health coverage guide we met with to help us navigate through the process was great- helping us apply for financial assistance and understanding our options. I brought my daughter along too, who is looking for insurance as well. The Medicaid denial took a little longer than we were expecting, but we were ultimately able to find an affordable plan that met our needs. We will be receiving over $1,000 a month in financial assistance to reduce our monthly premiums! This is huge!  And we most definitely are getting a better plan. My husband and I will be able to get annual wellness check-ups with out a copayment, and I will finally be able to get a much needed neck surgery due to a degenerated disc. I would never be able to afford the surgery without this better insurance policy. 

I’m getting older, and I can rest easy knowing I have health insurance. A good health insurance plan at that! I have been encouraging my friends and family to enroll through Connect for Health Colorado, and I would encourage you to as well!

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