Tom from Aurora

Health Insurance is not new to me- but it can still be complicated. I’m a healthy 62 year old retired sales man whose been paying for an overpriced health insurance plan for about 7 years- as I’m sure many others have been as well. But having insurance is the responsible thing to do. As the media has said over and over again- you’re not invincible and you never know what could happen. 

I went into Central Presbyterian Church on a Friday morning and enrolled in a new comprehensive and affordable plan by the end of the day. I’ll be saving $75 a month and have a better plan. A double win if you ask me!  

I was not eligible for financial assistance, but I still used Connect for Health Colorado to purchase health insurance. The website was easy to use and the volunteer health coverage guides were great! I could compare plans by premiums and deductibles and quickly find a plan that met my needs. The guides definitely do not have an easy job, but they took me through the application process step by step and helped me out until I was completely enrolled!  

Connect for Health Colorado is a great resource. It makes quality and affordable health insurance  accessible for Coloradans- A site made for Coloradans by Coloradans.                                               


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