by Gina Scioscia

One way or another, I’ve never thought much of birthdays, but I was more affected as 26 approached over the idea of having to take the plunge and buy my own health insurance. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and accessibility of Connect for Health Colorado.

As a former Division I lacrosse player, I know that accidents can happen. You can never predict when you may have the misfortune of an injury. Luckily, up until this year, I was covered by my university and parents’ plan and never had to worry. Today I find myself beginning my culinary career as a young line cook and am not offered any benefits through work. Some people my age choose not to have health insurance, but I would never take that risk of being uninsured.

A month before turning 26, I started browsing through the Connect for Health Colorado website. I applied for Medicaid, was immediately denied, and started shopping! The experience was very approachable and straight-forward. I could easily compare premiums, deductibles and co-payments, as well as search for specific providers. With my low income, I qualified for tax credits, which reduced my monthly premium and I settled on a very comprehensive gold plan.

Even though I may bounce around to a few restaurants before settling on a more long-term gig, this affordable and comprehensive plan allows me to have the same security in my health coverage that I had before my “dreaded” 26th birthday.

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