by Jeanette

An apple a day will keep the doctor away. We have heard this saying for many years, yet, we still can’t be certain it is true or false, but one thing we are certain about -we all want to stay away from the doctor in the emergency room.

I happen to be one of the unfortunate members to the exclusive “pre-existing condition” club. Now, this is a club I never asked to be in, or sought out its membership. No, I was the unlucky one who developed a neurological condition requiring me to take five different prescription medications a day, (one costs over $200 a month).  Little did I know that this was all it took to get initiated into the “pre-existing condition” club.

So what does this club have to offer?  Little, well… nothing really.  You see, with a pre-existing condition, I cannot find any insurance to cover my medical tests or prescriptions.  The only insurance I am eligible for is very expensive and does not cover any medical care relating to the pre-existing condition until a certain time period is achieved.

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones in the “pre-existing” club without insurance you want to stay out of the emergency room due to the expense of having to pay for it yourself. But this will soon be ending for thousands of Americans and Coloradans thanks to the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Not only will Obamacare allow individuals with “pre-existing” conditions to access quality affordable health insurance, but to access preventative care as well. Coloradans will no longer have to use the ER for primary care or delay going to the doctor for fear of unpredictable medical costs.

Now, with the new insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado, I can review the different plans, check to be sure my medications are covered, and see if my doctor is part of the insurance plan.  But the biggest benefit of Obamacare is that none of the insurance companies can choose to not cover me or deny me any medical care related to my pre-existing condition. 

So as I continue to eat my apple, I am reviewing the plans through Connect for Health Colorado to help me get great coverage at a price I can afford.

Jeanette enjoys gardening and learning the basics of farming from her husband. She lives in Grand Junction with her husband and devoted German Shepard.



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