by Kylie Holub

With the pressure of signing up for healthcare around the corner, and my employer not providing it, I had to seek help to get covered. Recently, I started my journey in embracing my true identity — as Kylie – so I wanted to find a place where I could meet with someone in a confidential place and one where I could be comfortable with who I am. 

I did a little research online and found The Center in Denver, CO. So I made the phone call and set up an appointment with a health coverage guide named Kelly. I arrived that day and started the process of picking a health provider; Kelly helped me discover which health insurance plans cover transgender health services best. We looked through various health insurance options, but I wanted to talk with my wife before making the final decision.  I signed up last month, which is super exciting!

This is a huge relief for me, because everything is so new, fresh, and honestly, a bit overwhelming.  Having this support network through The Center, and their knowledge of what options are out there, have made parts of this process a bit easier as I continue my journey to becoming who I truly am. 

To anyone who is struggling with signing up for health insurance, I highly recommend to go to The Center because they can help you with the process. They will also give you resources to LGBT-friendly doctors, support groups they conduct, people in the community who you can reach out to, and much more.

The Center is truly a wonderful place where you can have a very safe and comfortable environment to be yourself and get covered.  My entire experience was wonderful.   

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