In March, The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awarded Albatross Digital with a Bronze Pollie Award for our amazing website.  The award is for Best Membership Organization Website. (A Pollie Award is the political consulting industry’s highest honor bestowed upon consultants at the national and international level)

Redesigning CCHI’s website was an amazing & successful project.  Kevin Herman, from Albatross Digital, and Serena Woods, CCHI’s director of strategic engagement, wanted to share some of their favorite things about the site and the project.

What is your favorite feature of

Kevin: I really love and enjoy the navigability. It’s something we spent a lot of time on in several phases of the project. We were able to prioritize content, features and call to actions without burying items within this robust website. Furthermore, we were able to design a fresh look for CCHI without intimidating less web savvy site visitors.

Serena: The new site is very easy to manage, update and edit. This has enabled every member of our staff to learn how to use the back end of the site and easily add and edit content. As the manager of the site, this makes me feel like we will always be able to keep our site current — whether or not I am on vacation. It also means that the site is communicating everything that the varying departments of our organization need to communicate (policy, fundraising, membership engagement and consumer assistance).

What do you think uniquely meets the needs of CCHI?

Kevin: The types of site visitors that go to are definitely unique to CCHI. From wonky politicos to people looking up information for the uninsured to subscribed members, CCHI has a lot of different types of people visiting their website for lots of different reasons. Creating a navigation and content structure that allows for a diverse range of site traffic to easily take action or find information was a challenging necessity. 

Serena: Here at CCHI we frequently use social media to communicate with our members, supporters, partners and the public.  The new really emphasizes this and integrates our social media feeds effectively.

What was your favorite part of collaborating together on this project?

Kevin: CCHI is filled with passionate, energetic, smart and fun people. Working with all the different departments to deliver a product that compliments the full organizational efforts of CCHI was a great way to learn about all the great people and ideas that make their organization run.

Serena:  I really felt like Albatross uniquely understood the kind of advocacy work that CCHI does and how our website needs to amplify those efforts.  In the development phase of the project we talked a lot about engaging people in the site.  I think we have successfully created an online brand that represents all of the things that CCHI is good at and the different ways people can stay informed and involved.

How have things gone since launching the website?

Serena: Since launching our new website, we have doubled our site traffic as well as the average time spent on our site.  This is a huge improvement and asset to our communications efforts as an organization.

For years, members, partners, elected officials and consumers have relied on CCHI and our staff as a resource for current health care policy information.  Now, they can rely on CCHI’s online presence as a resource too.  This is a significant value-add for CCHI.

Kevin: After launching the site we haven’t had to do much hand holding with CCHI. Since they were active throughout the process they were able to hit the ground running and it’s been great to watch them utilize their site as much as they have.

What’s your favorite compliment you’ve received on the website?

Kevin: “You’ve won.”

Serena: “It’s beautiful.”

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