I want to share a story with you.  Actually, I want to share someone else’s story with you. 

Cindy lives in Hudson, Colorado.  She wrote to Thanks Obamacare to tell us why she wanted to say “Thanks, Obamacare.”

Cindy’s husband has terminal cancer. In addition to dealing with the stress of having a sick loved one, Cindy told us she feared that the cancer treatments would cause her and her husband to hit their lifetime limits on care. That could have meant losing everything or having to choose between cancer treatments and house payments. But, thanks to Obamacare, Cindy told us that she and her husband don’t have to worry about hitting a lifetime limit or the potential bankruptcy that could follow. Since 2010, insurance companies have not be able to cap lifetime limits on care. It’s another reason to say, Thanks Obamacare.

This is one story of many we’ve heard from people across Colorado and elsewhere about how Obamacare is helping them.

We would love to hear your story too. If you would like to join Cindy and her husband in saying Thanks Obamacare, just click here and share your story with us.

Because people need to know how Obamacare is helping folks all across Colorado and the nation.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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