Together for Medicaid!

Image of health care rally: To meet the health needs of Coloradams struggling from COVID, we need more federal funding for Medicaid!

Whether it’s contacting your senators, sharing your story, joining the conversation on social media, or sharing this information with others, Coloradans need your help!

Due to the COVID public health crisis, that has devastated Coloradans and our economy, our state will lack the funds needed to provide Medicaid services and meet the health needs of families and children. We need increased federal funding for Medicaid to help Coloradans and the economy recover.

The situation:

  • Colorado is facing more than a $3 billion shortfall in our state budget.
  • As we experience record unemployment, as many as 500,000 Coloradans that are out of work need access to health coverage through Medicaid.
  • Without additional federal support to Medicaid, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers will see decreased payments, adding to the challenges they already face during this pandemic.
  • Without an increase in federal funding, we will have to cut Medicaid when more Coloradans than ever need health care. That will hurt our ability to respond to the pandemic, only creating more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths — increasing the burden on families and further damaging our economy.

The U.S. Senate is expected to take up a new COVID relief bill very soon and we must ensure that bill helps Colorado meet the health care needs of our residents by providing more funding for Medicaid!

Here are ways to get involved:

Ask U.S. Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to increase funding for Medicaid!

Share why Medicaid is important to you/your community!

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Follow #FundMedicaid

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Together for Medicaid One Pager

This one pager provides additional context and reasons why Colorado needs increased federal funding for Medicaid.


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