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What's a surprise medical bill?

A surprise medical bill (also called out-of-network bill or balance bill) happens when a patient receives care in an emergency or for a scheduled procedure, and is unknowingly treated by someone that is not part of their insurance network. The bill the patient receives is the difference between what the insurance company paid and what the medical provider charged. In most cases, out-of-network charges are substantially inflated from charges that are provided in-network, leaving the patient with a hefty surprise medical bill.

What's the problem?

Many Coloradans gained protections from surprise bills under 2019 legislation we passed. However, not all Coloradans could benefit from these protections because some insurance plans are not regulated in our state (they are regulated federally). Late in 2020, Congress passed the Federal No Surprises Act to protect patients under all insurance plans. There are aspects of the state and federal laws that, when combined, could create confusion or leave some consumers without the protections they need.

That’s why this year, CCHI is working on a bill to align and ensure strong surprise billing protections between the state and federal laws for consumers.

How will your bill help?

This bill integrates the federal and state surprise billing protections in the following key areas:

  • Clear and strong rules for when a patient can and cannot consent to receive out-of-network care/surprise bills with higher charges.
  • Providing better protections to ensure a patient doesn’t lose access to a medical provider because in the midst of treatment if the provider goes from being in-network to being out-of-network.
  • Providing better protection from surprise bills while the patient’s health is still at risk from a health event.

How can I help?

It’s easy! All you need to do is scroll down and fill out a simple form to sign on in support of the bill. This will help us show legislators how popular the bill is in Colorado, and it will help us keep you up to date about what’s happening with the bill and other ways you can help.


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