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What's a "Non-Authorized Health Care Entity"?

Non-Authorized Health Care Entities are programs like health care cost-sharing arrangements and ministries where individual members, who typically share values or religious beliefs, pay monthly into a pool designed to help cover other members’ medical expenses. However, these programs are not regulated like insurance and there is no guarantee they will actually pay for anyone’s medical expenses.

What's the problem?

Our Consumer Assistance Program has heard from many Coloradans who have paid into these programs thinking that they were paying for insurance, only to have their claims denied. Most people end up with no other option but to pay their entire bill out of pocket. Even for services that these programs say they cover, there is often a cap on how much they will pay, and there is still no guarantee of any payment at all.

These programs may work for some people, but everyone should be aware of what they are paying for, how their contributions are being used, and what protections they may or may not have when using these programs.

That’s why this year, CCHI is working on a bill to help shed light on how many of these programs there are in Colorado, how these programs do business, and how many Coloradans are paying into them.

How will your bill help?

Currently, if a member of one of these programs sends a complaint to the Division of Insurance (DOI), the DOI is not able to review the issue or find out how many Coloradans it could be impacting. That’s because these programs are not required to give the state information about their business, unlike insurance companies or any other business that Coloradans rely on.

The bill requires any health care cost sharing program that isn’t already providing information to the state about how they operate to submit some basic, routine information to the DOI. 

This information will help the DOI learn about the impact these programs have on the cost of health insurance and health care in our state, make sure the programs can provide coverage to their members, and help the programs keep their advertising honest and clear.

How can I help?

It’s easy! All you need to do is scroll down and fill out a simple form to sign on in support of the bill. This will help us show legislators how popular the bill is in Colorado, and it will help us keep you up to date about what’s happening with the bill and other ways you can help.


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Sign on to Support Strong Consumer Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills!

Many Coloradans gained protections from surprise bills under 2019 legislation we passed. However, not all Coloradans could benefit from these protections because some insurance plans are not regulated in our state (they are regulated federally). Late in 2020, Congress passed the Federal No Surprises Act to protect patients under all insurance plans. There are aspects of the state and federal laws that, when combined, could create confusion or leave some consumers without the protections they need.

That’s why this year, CCHI is working on a bill to align and ensure strong surprise billing protections between the state and federal laws for consumers.

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Creating the Colorado Option for Affordable Health Insurance!

It’s time for us to create the Colorado Affordable Health Care Option (a.k.a. the Colorado Option) and leverage the state infrastructure to bring more affordable coverage to consumers and hold hospitals and insurers more accountable to Coloradans. Contact your legislators, volunteer, share your story,…

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Take Action to Stop Surprise Medical Bills!

This spring, Colorado legislators created new and robust protections to stop surprise out-of-network medical bills and their egregious charges. Unfortunately, the new protections, which go into effect January 1, 2020, cannot protect ALL Coloradans. The new protections cannot apply to Coloradans who are insured through federally regulated health insurance plans. Only Congressional action can ensure all Coloradans share the same protections from surprise medical bills and their disastrous consequences.

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