Protect Medicaid and SNAP for Coloradans!

Graphic: protect medicaid and SNAP from red tape and cuts

Republicans in the House have passed a debt ceiling bill that would force harmful cuts to Medicaid and SNAP benefits across the country! Our Senators need to hear from you to protect health care and healthy food access!

This bill threatens the financial stability of the country and many low-wage, hard-working Coloradans. It is an attempt to take away access to health care and healthy food and add red tape and bureaucracy to vital programs Coloradans overwhelmingly support.

We know health care and keeping food on the table is no longer affordable for many people in Colorado and across the country. Large medical bills are putting Coloradans in financial hardship and medical debt. Some in Congress want to change the rules of Medicaid and SNAP and make it harder for people to qualify for their health coverage or keep food on the table.

We cannot allow them to take health coverage and access to healthy food away from millions of struggling low-income and working families! The proposed changes add red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy, and because of structural racism, communities of color are most at risk. Medicaid and SNAP are vital for many Coloradans living with chronic conditions, disabilities, those living in rural areas, children, and low-income workers and families.


The Colorado Option

We worked hard to pass the Colorado Option, and now we’re working to ensure communities are aware of plans and financial assistance available to them. The Colorado Option plans are the first health care plans available to every Coloradan who buys insurance on the individual marketplace (not an employer), regardless of documentation status. Read on and find toolkits, immigrant resources, webinars and more.

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