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Odalis Castro Landeros

Odalis Castro Landeros

Consumer Assistance Program Intern

Being born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Odalis is familiar with the healthcare landscape in Colorado and is passionate about advocating for healthcare access for those in her community. She is currently attending the University of Colorado Denver, pursuing her BS in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Biophysics. Although her love for engineering, science, and medicine have shaped her future career goals, she also has an interest in health and education policy. Her experience working with other nonprofits across Denver has helped her develop leadership and advocacy skills that she will use and further enhance at CCHI. As a Consumer Assistance Program intern, Odalis hopes to also understand the healthcare system’s underlying barriers that potentially lead to patients’ inability to afford healthcare services. As an aspiring future physician, primarily for Spanish-speaking communities, she hopes to learn from clients’ stories in order to deliver linguistic and culturally sensitive health care to patients in the near future. Odalis enjoys joining book clubs in her free time, exploring new coffee shops around town, snowboarding, and long-distance running.

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