Blair Miller, Denver 7

DENVER – Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s health care reform proposalput together with a bipartisan panel of governors implores Congress to keep the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act in place while work is done to further stabilize insurance marketplaces and make the health care law feasible in the long run.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, and Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich unveiled the proposal on Thursday after months of crafting that was done with governors from Nevada, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Virginia, Louisiana and Montana.

They group sent their proposal to majority and minority leaders in the House and Senate on Thursday, and Gov. Hickenlooper hosted a news conference to discuss the proposal at the state Capitol in Denver. Watch it in full in the player below or by clicking here.

For starters, Hickenlooper and the governors advise that Congress retain the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act, which requires people to have insurance through their employer or the ACA lest they face a penalty, “until it can devise a credible replacement.”

The governors admit the mandate it “unpopular,” but say it’s “perhaps the most important incentive” for market stabilization because it encourages healthy people to buy insurance and not gamble on whether or not they will need coverage each year.

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