John Ingold, The Denver Post

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper blasted the U.S. House of Representative’s passage of the American Health Care Act on Thursday, saying that the bill, “threatens to end health insurance coverage for hundreds of thousands of hard working Coloradans.”

Hickenlooper’s lieutenant governor, former health care executive Donna Lynne, said the AHCA scrambles the state’s health safety net.

“We are going to have to reconstruct a whole new health system because of this,” she said.

Those were two of the most prominent local responses Thursday to the bill’s passage, which came as many Colorado lawmakers and other health policy observers were focused more locally on a deal at the state Capitol to spare Colorado hospitals from hundreds of millions of dollars in funding cuts.

Several health policy groups in the state oppose the AHCA, and their statements Thursday showed no sign of backing down from that criticism.

“Coloradans can blame this vote for leaving a $14 billion crater in our state budget over the next 10 years,” said Adam Fox, with the left-leaning Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, in a statement.

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