Eric Galatas, Public News Service

The 6-3 ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court’s King vs. Burwell case puts an end to the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

Adam Fox, director of strategic engagement for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, said the ruling means more than 6 million Americans will continue to have access to health coverage.

“Even though Coloradans would have been insulated from the worst immediate impacts,” he said, “it really does mean that we can continue to forge ahead on health care reform and continue to be a leader state.”

Fox said the ruling sends a clear signal that health reform is here to stay, and that the United States won’t return to a time when people with pre-existing conditions couldn’t get coverage. He said the Affordable Care Act is working in Colorado, and with the King vs. Burwell case closed, reform advocates can focus on keeping costs down and bringing more of the state’s uninsured into the marketplace.

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