Jakob Rodgers, The Gazette

“Preliminary health insurance filings released Monday showed rates in Colorado holding relatively steady next year amid a crowded market of more than 1,000 plans, the state’s insurance commissioner said. Most of the 1,071 medical and dental insurance plans pitched by carriers for 2015 ranged from a 10 percent rate decrease to a 10 percent increase – though a few outliers exacerbated those price swings, according to the Colorado Division of Insurance.

The possibility of a handful of carriers lowering rates next year came as a welcome surprise, said Adam Fox, spokesman for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. “The fact that some insurers are lowering their rates is a very promising sign that they are responding to market pressures,” Fox said.

Roughly one-third of the 895 medical plans submitted for review were to be sold on Colorado’s exchange, which attracted nearly 135,000 enrollees during its first seven months in operation.

Marc Reece, associate director with the Colorado Association of Health Plans, cautioned that the plans proposed by carriers this month were likely to change while under review.”Nothing is approved, so there’s absolutely nothing you could see today that you can take to the bank,” Reece said.

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