Eric Galatas, Public News Service

Some consumers are having a rough go with insurance companies in Colorado. 

After Tyler Boon’s employer switched health plans, he spent the better part of a week trying to find a new primary care physician for his family, including his pregnant wife. 

Nearly every provider he called in Cigna Health Insurance’s directory listed as accepting new patients had not actually accepted a new patient in three years. 

Boon says when he told Cigna about the errors, company personnel apologized, but blamed doctors for not providing updated information.

“In an industry that’s based on helping people to have the level of buck-passing and not caring that the directories were that out of date, really was shocking to me,” Boon says.

Boon adds as a financial adviser working from home, he was able to take time to find a family doctor, but he doubts others have that luxury. He also took the time to file a complaint with the Colorado Division of Insurance.

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative is studying the data compiled by the agency to identify the biggest challenges facing residents and to pressure companies to do better. 

The biggest beefs registered include surprise out-of-network billing, inadequate networks and denial of claims.

Listen to the radio segment and read the article here.

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