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“How do you appeal to the tough-to-reach, even-tougher-to-impress audience of 20- and 30- somethings and women of all ages on the dry subject of health insurance? Answer: With fun, humor, and a fine sense of the ridiculous.

For its work in creating a nationwide viral awareness of ACA enrollment in Colorado, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative wins the prize for Best Cause Advocacy in PR Daily’s 2014 Social Media Awards.

The campaign was simplicity itself. CCHI set up a website whose URL spoofed strict Doing (and saying) nothing by “haves,” CCHI reps sent out press releases with each group of ads, and asked partner orgs and individuals to share the ads. The ads generated considerable controversy in and out of Colorado—and big buzz.

CCHI team members developed story lines for each of the volunteer characters in the ads. And they deliberately “provoked some critics with the ads’ edgy content” to increase social media and earned media activity.” 

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