Dan Cook, Benefits Pro

“As carriers begin to file their health insurance premium proposals for state inspection, some are already vocally opposing any increases over last year’s exchange-based coverage. But the sifting landscape of the rate-setting process apparently has many confused about the details of the rate-setting game.

“Insurance carriers submitted their proposed rates earlier this month,” Health News Colorado reported. “Colorado’s Division of Insurance unveiled them Monday and consumer advocates now can press for lower rates before state insurance regulators finalize 2015 prices in September.” But, as Health News Colorado added, a review of the proposals shows rate increases are hardly the norm:

“New zones for health insurance pricing appear to be driving costs down in resort areas, but increasing them in other rural parts of the state. The resort areas … would have slightly lower rates next year under most carriers’ proposals, while other parts of western Colorado will see somewhat higher rates, according to Colorado Consumer Health Initiative’s preliminary analysis. On the Eastern Plains, rates in the north would decrease by about 20 percent while rates in southern Colorado would go up.”

CCHI told the publication that it was pleased to see so many requests for cuts or modest increases. A lack of consistency was to be expected, given the limited experience carries have with the nascent markets.”

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