Chinyere Amobi, Center for Health Journalism

Last week, the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act. The Center for Health Journalism wanted to learn how communities across the country were reacting to the bill’s surprising passage, so we asked journalists, nonprofit leaders, and health care practitioners to share what they’re hearing. Do people understand the legislation and its implications? Are they excited, fearful, or just confused?

As we continue to gather responses, we’d like to share what we’ve heard so far.

Given the rushed nature of the AHCA’s House passage, we then asked respondents, “Do the people you interact with have a clear understanding of the law and its implications?” Those surveyed said many people understood the basics but important gaps in knowledge remain:

“I think the main question I hear lately is about how the waivers of ACA provisions work, and how likely our state is to take them.” — Adam Fox, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative/ Protect Our Care Colorado

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