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CCHI Bill to Help Consumers Avoid Medical Debt and Bankruptcy Passes Senate

Last week, the Colorado State Senate passed an important bill on a bipartisan vote to help uninsured Coloradans who might get stuck with unwieldy hospital bills. Senate Bill 50 (SB50) clears up the law on financial assistance for uninsured patients who get necessary care at a Colorado hospital.

Protect Your Pockets: How Obamacare Reduces Out Of Pocket Costs

By Kristen Lau

Wait a second…you can have health insurance and still be unable to afford your health care costs? 

Why There's an Open Enrollment Period for Health Insurance?

by Nina Roumell

The Story
March 31st, 2014 was the last day of open enrollment- the time period in which individuals and families can enroll in private health insurance. 

Where You Live Matters

by Nina Roumell

For the past 5 years the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute have partnered to produce the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program. The goal of the program is to collect and use data pertaining to health outcomes and health factors to grow and build healthy communities. 

Who Can Still Enroll In Health Insurance?

by Matthew Valeta, Health Policy Analyst

FACT SHEET: Can You Still Enroll in Health Insurance?  by Charlotte Kaye, Health Policy Fellow 

Health Access: Full Exposure - Buzzer Beater

By Kristen Moree

I’m healthy, young, active, and recently insured! 

Health Access: Full Exposure - Sleeping Easy in the San Luis Valley

By: Elena Miller-ter Kuile

My family was one of the first Hispanic families to come to the San Luis Valley in the 1860’s.  Since then, we have continued to farm in the same area as our ancestors.

When I first told my dad I wanted to farm and continue our family legacy, he looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Despite his misgivings, I returned from college, excited and ready to try our new sustainable farming experiments. But the one thing about trying to make money off the farm is that you need money to make money, and I was having a hard time getting by.

Employers Could Make Hobby of Denying Health Services

By Kristen Lau and Nina Roumell

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the cases brought by craft store Hobby Lobby and kitchen cabinet manufacturer Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation against the Department of Health and Human Services.  The two companies are arguing that they should not be mandated to provide certain contraceptives to their employees because doing so would conflict with their religious beliefs.  

CAHP Members To Cover Transgender Health Care

In March of last year, Colorado’s Division of Insurance issued a bulletin stating that state anti-discrimination laws extend to people with transgender status in regards to healthcare.  This means that insurance carriers may not charge higher rates to people based on transgender status, they may not consider transgender status a pre-existing condition, nor can they deny, exclude, or limit coverage for any me

Time for a Check-Up: Medical Debt on the Exam Table

In 2012, over one in four families experienced financial burdens from medical care in the United States. One in ten families had medical bills that they were unable to pay at all.  This means that families are forced to forgo basic needs such as heating bills, rent, visiting doctors, or filling prescriptions. Medical debt negatively afflicts families and individuals in every walk of life.


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