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Five Things for Small Businesses to Know About Health Insurance

by the Colorado Division of Insurance

While consumers buying individual health insurance plans for themselves and their families had to pay attention to the open enrollment deadline this past spring, small businesses buying insurance for their employees are not limited to that deadline. Small businesses are eligible to purchase health insurance year-round. 

Happy Safety Net Clinic Week!

by Tom Crowe, Safety Net Clinic Week Project Coordinator, ClinicNET

Safety Net Clinic Week 2014 Kickoff Celebration on Friday, August 15th at Inner City Health Center was a great success!

So, What Exactly is Safety Net Clinic Week?

What’s New with Connect For Health Colorado?

by Amber Burkhart, Health Policy Fellow

While most Coloradans are still enjoying the heat of the summer, Connect For Health Colorado (C4HCO) is gearing up for open enrollment, starting November 15, 2014! Using lessons learned over the past year, the staff at C4HCO is working hard to ensure that effective outreach strategies are in place and that the website is ready for go-live.

Pay raise to doctors serving Medicaid patients

by Allie Broas, Program and Administrative Assistant

Colorado has announced its placement, among six other states, that plan on extending the Medicaid pay raise for primary care doctors in 2015.

Health Access: Full Exposure – Ah… Security once more

by Marilyn Kruse

In 2003, I walked out of a job at a large school district where I had worked for the last 14 years with few regrets.  The job never really suited me, or vice versa, but I had given it all I had.  Now it was time to move on, and help with some family issues that had been put on the back burner for too long. However, I was beginning to feel some trepidation about health insurance. 

The Power of Engagement: The Colorado Health Symposium

by Austin Montoya, Social Media and Online Coordinator

The 2014 Colorado Health Symposium, hosted by the Colorado Health Foundation, amassed talks ranging from the effects of media on health, to the exponentially growing field of health IT, to the complexities of engaging consumers and communities in their health. The three days spent in beautiful Keystone, Colorado could not have been more filled with beautiful weather and intellectually stimulating conversations.

New comparison tool allows Coloradans to shop for health services

by Lynn Doan, Strategic Engagement Fellow

A new website is allowing Coloradans to view transparent price and quality information for selected hospital procedures. Such a site is unique, not only in that it provides informative data from more payers than any other database or public resource, but it is also compiled in a format that is easy to use and review.

First LGB Inclusive Large-Scale Government Survey

by Leo Kattari, One Colorado

For the first time in our nation’s history, the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) asked respondents about their sexual orientation. The NHIS has been providing the nation incredibly important health data about Americans since the 1950’s. The data collected from the NHIS informs who are the most vulnerable Americans and where funding priorities will fall for years to come.

Five Things to Know About Your Health Insurance Policy

by the Colorado Division of Insurance

Health insurance is important… and complicated, but consumers need to understand what they purchased.  Don’t wait for a crisis to find out what is and isn’t covered in your health insurance policy.  As people take the time to read their policies, the Division of Insurance (DOI) suggests the following five areas as key starting points to better understand health insurance.

Checks and Balances on Health Insurance Premiums

by Matthew Valeta, Health Policy Analyst 

Colorado health insurance companies have proposed their rate for the next year. We have been examining the rates to ensure that no unjustified costs are being put into consumers' premiums. As part of the rate review process in Colorado, the Division of Insurance reviews health insurance rate increases in the individual and small group market to ensure that they are not excessive.

Since 2008, rate review has saved Coloradans over $100 million dollars on their premiums.


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